#NieboPizza is the only and the best Neapolitan pizzeria in Roztocze region

The restaurant is located on the roof of Ibis Styles Hotel in Tomaszów Lubelski – on the 5th floor with a magical atmosphere and a panoramic view of the entire city
Neapolitan pizza is unique, which is confirmed by the fact that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List!
This original pizza is prepared according to the recipe:
  • the dough is prepared by hand according to a traditional Italian recipe and matured for 24 hours,
  • only San Marzano tomatoes are used, which grow in volcanic fields south of Vesuvius, and fior di latte cheese from the milk of cows grazed in Campania,
  • Neapolitan style pizza is characterized by high and swollen edges, baked golden brown and black bubbles,
  • In Naples it is often eaten with a knife and fork due to the thin center; the dough is flexible and easy to fold.
After eating delicious pizza, the children can have fun on the playground with a sandbox, also located on our roof.
We invite you to perform Sunday from 15.00 to 21.00

If you want to order a real Napoletane pizza, you have to know that:

Pizza Napoletana has a diameter of about 32, maximum 35 cm, the edges are well risen and toasted, but not crispy. The central part of the pizza is characterized by a parchment-thin dough and a moist filling, which makes our pizzas hard to eat. Napoletane is served uncut, and only olive oil is available for the additional sauces. The pizza is prepared according to a traditional Italian recipe with ripe, elongated San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, extra virgin olive oil and fresh, juicy basil. The secret of our pizza is the dough that matures long. Our Napoletana pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven.


(na sosie pomidorowym)


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella fior di latte, parmezan lub grana padano, oliwa, bazylia

27 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, bazylia, oliwa

30 PLN


Pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, tuńczyk, piklowana cebula

36 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, pieczarki, szynka

33 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, salami Napoli (łagodne, zapieczone), oliwki Leccino

33 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, pikantne salami (zapieczone), płatki chili, papryczki pepperoncino, parmezan lub grana padano, bazylia

34 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, wykończenie: prosciutto crudo, rukola, pomidorki cherry, parmezan lub grana padano, oliwa

35 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, salami Napoli (łagodne, zapieczone), wykończenie: podsuszane pomidorki (np. żólte), burrata, bazylia, oliwa

39 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, pieczona papryka, pieczony bakłażan, wykończenie: rukola, pomidorki cherry, mozzarella mini (małe kulki 10g), oliwa

34 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella, pancetta, szpinak, gorgonzola, piklowana cebula

35 PLN


pomidory San Marzano, mozzarella di bufala, parmezan, bazylia, oliwa

34 PLN


(bez sosu)


mozzarella, gorgonzola, taleggio, parmezan lub grana padano, pieprz

33 PLN


mozzarella, taleggio, pieczarki, czosnek, pecorino Romano, natka pietruszki

33 PLN

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